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Here is our brand new project, Texas Country Music Review.

Over the years TCMA has had hundreds of requests by artists and songwriters to do music reviews that they can use in their marketing and media efforts.  Texas Country Music Review is a panel of industry stakeholders in the Texas Country Music industry who will be reviewing music submitted for radio airplay.

Texas Country Music Review has two courses of action:

1.  Reviews By Approved Industry Stakeholders

2.  Reviews By Approved Fans

3.  Requests for Reviews by Artists for Specific Songs

Here's how it works:

  • Apply to be on the Texas Country Music Review Panel.  If you are an industry stakeholder who is verifiably and actively involved in the Texas Country Music Industry in some form (artists, songwriters, musicians, media/radio, venues, producers, promoters, studios and other individuals and entities that touch the industry) you can apply to be on the Texas Country Music Review Panel as a Music Reviewer.  Your reviews will be shared with the artists on their request and posted on our websites.
  • Apply as a Fan to be a Music Reviewer This is a separate platform within Texas Country Music Review to enable Fans to review music.  Fan reviews will be sent to the artists upon request.  Fan reviews are not combined with stakeholder Music Reviewers data, but will be combined with other Fan reviews.
  • Request for Specific Song Review (for Artists, Songwriters or Managers Only).  Artists, Songwriters or Managers can submit a specific song (up to 5) and request a review by the Texas Country Music Review Panel.  A fee of $10 per song is required.  Artists can request the results of the Panel's reviews, and use those reviews in their marketing efforts.

Here are some rules:

1.  We are considering Music Reviewers who can and will be objective and positive, and who will commit to review the songs sent to them on a timely basis. There will most likely be 10 to 15 every month.

2.  Artists or Songwriters may not review their own material.

3.  Reviewers who have a stake in the song may not review it (management, promotions, etc.)

4.  Texas Country Music Review Panel Music Reviewers must be an active member of the Texas Country Music Association.

5.  Artists can opt in to receive digital copies of the reviews for their use when registering.

6.  Most songs chosen for review will be selected by TCMA and affiliated entities' staff and if selected will be reviewed at no charge to the artist.

7.  Artists, Songwriters and Management can request a review on a specific song by submitting it to us through the online portal. There is a nominal $10 fee to the Artists, Songwriters or Managers per song for a "requested" review.

We're excited about this project that we're sure that it will be beneficial to all involved.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please EMAIL US.


(Industry Stakeholders Only With Professional Involvement in the Texas Country Music Industry)


(Fans Only With No Professional Involvement in the Texas Country Music Industry)


(Up To 5 Songs Can Be Reviewed Per Forms.  Specific Song Reviews are $10 Per Song)

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