Texas Country Music Association Appoints Barry Rogers as Executive Director of Sponsorships

CARTHAGE, TEXAS (April 9, 2024) – The Texas Country Music Association announced today that they have appointed Barry Rogers as Executive Director of Sponsorships effective immediately.

TCMA President Linda Wilson states, “Barry Rogers has worked side by side with me for several years in securing Sponsorships for the Texas Country Music Awards, Texas Country Music Summit and Industry Awards. I’m excited that Barry has taken the role of Executive Director of Sponsorships for TCMA. His is an unbelievably valuable asset to the organization.”

Over the years, TCMA member Barry Rogers has worked in media and entertainment, promoting people and causes he believes in. From his early days of spinning artists' songs on country radio, all the way to orchestrating red-carpet film premieres, Barry has remained committed to his mission to amplify voices and help clients build their brands.

His journey has taken him from radio to landing a production job on a prominent Dallas-based TV talk show right after college. Rising through the ranks to become a segment producer, Barry honed his skills in crafting engaging content that captivated audiences.

Rogers eventually moved into public relations, where he discovered his knack for securing press interviews and representing renowned CEOs,  musicians, actors, and thought leaders. "I've been blessed to do what I love," he reflects. “And I have always had a great appreciation for creating a narrative that's compelling and helps people understand the information."

In recent years, Barry has been focusing more on booking clients for live shows. He’s also been busy bridging the gap between the worlds of business and entertainment through strategic sponsorships. "It's a lot of fun to see a company on FB or a billboard and realize you know an event they could benefit from being a part of," he notes.

Beyond his role as a talented connector in business, Rogers offers his expertise to those seeking to refine their stories for maximum impact in the marketplace. With years of experience in public relations and marketing, he has booked hundreds of press interviews, co-produced TV commercials and company internet videos (generating over 800,000 YouTube views), and set up numerous press conferences, while cultivating a vast network of media contacts. Driven by a passion for storytelling, Barry Rogers continues to shape the landscape of media and entertainment, one compelling narrative at a time.

As Executive Director of Sponsorships for TCMA, Barry will be involved in the day-to-day operations, event planning, and securing sponsorships on every event organized by the Texas Country Music Association, while still maintaining his successful role as a Publicist.

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