The 2019 TCMA Songwriter Contest has closed and the Top 10 Finalists in each category have been determined.  Those Top 10 Finalists now go to the Final Round Judges and the winners in each the Country and Christian Country categories will be announced at the 2019 Texas Country Music Awards on Sunday, September 22 at Billy Bob's Texas in the Fort Worth Stockyards as follows:


1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place Runners Up

5 Honorable Mentions

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Top 10 Finalists - Country Category

(in no particular order)

Dylan Young & AJ Hawkins- I Don't Have The Heart

Felix Truvere - Always Something

John Thibodeaux - Moments Like This

Jeffrey Lubin - Can't Get Her Out Of My Head

Will Carter & Shane Stevens - Forever's Not Enough

Paul Longwell - They're All Texans In Their Hearts

Monty Dawson - When You Call

Lucas Hoge & Phillip Lamond - Wishin' I Was Fishin'

Bryan Martin - Blending Memories and Whiskey

Bernie Nelson - My Kind Of Lonely

Top 10 Finalists - Christian Country Category

(in no particular order)

Alyssa Paige & Jack Lunday - Two Steppin' With Daddy

Lauren Christner - I Will Follow Thee

Justin Todd Herod - Pouring Out My Heart

Allison Gilliam - I Wanna Be Like Jesus

TK Brown & Bill Diluigi - Too Many Hallelujahs

Heather Smith - This Is My Prayer Lord

Michael Knight - I Got Saved

Michael Knight & Kelly Kenning - Bible On My Dash

Cherilyn Johnston - Let Your Living Water Flow

Gunner Carr - Sunday Morn

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