Texas Country Music Association

Mission Statement

The Texas Country Music Association exists to consistently and effectively energize, promote and support the Texas Country Music and Christian Country  Music industries and those involved in every aspect.

TCMA's Annual Songwriter Contest

The Texas Country Music Association holds an annual Songwriter Contest for TCMA Members only.  There are two categories for song entries:  Country Music and Christian Country Music.  Entries are accepted between December 1 and April 30 of each year.  Songs submitted do not have to be current releases or professionally produced.The songs are reviewed by Preliminary Round judges who score them, and based on those scores the top 10 songs in each category is determined.  Those top 10 finalists go to the Final Round Judges for scoring, and the overall winner is determined in each category as well as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place runners up and 5 honorable mentions.  The overall winners in each category are invited to perform their winning entry during the Texas Country Music Awards pre-show.  All 10 top finalists receive awards.

Texas Country Music Awards Nomination and Voting Process

The Texas Country Music Association presents the Texas Country Music Awards annually.  Nomination ballots go out generally on May 1 and close on June 15.  Final round voting is generally between July 1 and August 15.  People nominating nor nominees have to be a TCMA Member; however, TCMA Members' nominations and votes are doubled and all online nominations from fans and members count toward 1 nomination and is added to the nominations made by each 4 Nomination and Voting Committee Member, resulting the top 5 nominations in each award category.  Those top 5 finalists are announced and presented for vote online, and the overall winners in each category are determined by TCMA Members and fan votes only.  All nominations and votes are verified, vetted and confirmed by the Voting Committee.

Young Artist Category:  Artists who are age 18 and under at January 1 of each year are eligible for the Young Artist (18 and under) category.

Single of the Year and Album of the Year Categories:  Songs released in the current or prior year qualify as eligible.

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