Texas Country Music Association and Texas Regional Radio Report Issue Joint Statement Regarding Texas Charts

CARTHAGE, TX (March 1, 2024) The Texas Country Music Association and Texas Regional Radio Report released the following statement today:

“The Texas Country Music Association recognizes only these Texas Music Charts:  Texas Country Music Chart, American Country Music Chart, Texas Regional Radio Report and CDX/TractionTX. These charts are copyrighted in their original format and the data may not be extracted and reformatted to conform to incorrect and misunderstood “fact configuration.”  These charts may not be published in any form for use by any 3rd party. Any data extracted from the charts from their original format cannot be certified for accuracy by the original publishers.

For accurate chart data follow ONLY the real and official sources of the Texas Country Music Chart (, Texas Regional Radio Report (, American Country Music Chart (, and CDX/TractionTX (

We strongly suggest that you do not trust any 3rd party that is reformatting and manipulating copyrighted data from the TCMC, T3R, ACMC, and CDX/TractionTX charts, as this party does not have permission of any kind for the use of any data, copyrighted or otherwise, that has been compiled and published by the original publishers. 

Artists, management, labels, and radio promoters have historically done their own due diligence and chart comparisons by pulling the real originally published chart data from the publishers’ websites and email blasts. This is nothing new and has always been available to anyone wanting to compare the charts.

Relying on any 3rd party that does not have the permission of chart publishers to extract information for any reconfiguration is not reliable and clearly used for their own monetary or personal gain.”

This notice is sent jointly by TCMA and T3R to protect the interests of our family of Texas artists, promoters, and radio broadcasters.

Any questions can be directed to:

Linda Wilson

Texas Country Music Association


Dave Smith

Texas Regional Radio Report


# # #

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