Presentations to be made at TCMA’s 2024 Texas Country Music Industry Awards in Conjunction with 2024 Texas Country Music Summit

CARTHAGE, TX (October 25, 2023) The Texas Country Music Association announced today that they have released nomination ballots for the official Texas Country Music “Industry Awards”.

The Texas Country Music Industry Awards are presented by the Texas Country Music Association and include award categories that are not represented in the annual Texas Country Music Awards that takes place at Billy Bob’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards each November. “The Texas Country Music ‘Industry Awards’ is to recognize those that work hard alongside the artists to make an effective impact on today’s Texas music,” says TCMA Executive Vice President Richard Wilson, “There are so many moving parts to making music that the general public hears on radio or streaming outlets. These are individuals and businesses that TCMA, as the supporting organization for the Texas Country Music industry, must honor.”

The Texas Country Music “Industry Awards” nominations will be accepted only from Members of the Texas Country Music Association. Anyone who is an active Member of TCMA will be invited to place nominations. If you are not a TCMA Member and would like to participate in the nomination and voting process, you can join at and then place your nominations.  Nominees and winners do not have to be members of the Texas Country Music Association.

The nomination round begins Wednesday, November 1, 2023, and will conclude Friday, December 31, 2023. The top 5 finalists in each award category will be announced by Tuesday January 15, 2024, at which time final round Voting begins, and will conclude on February 29, 2024.

Winners in each category will be announced at the 2024 Texas Country Music Industry Awards on May 9, 2024, at Sawyer Park Icehouse in Spring TX following the 2023 Texas Country Music Summit will be held that same day also at Sawyer Park. Tickets will be limited and will be made available when details are confirmed.

The 28 Texas Country Music Industry Award categories include:

  • ·       Artist Manager of the Year
  • ·       Tour Manager of the Year
  • ·       Radio Promoter of the Year
  • ·       Publicist of the Year
  • ·       Recording Studio of the Year
  • ·       Record Producer or Engineer of the Year
  • ·       Booking Agent of the Year
  • ·       Music Video of the Year
  • ·       Live Music Venue Marketing Manager of the Year
  • ·       Videographer of the Year
  • ·       Photographer of the Year
  • ·       Radio Station Community Event of the Year
  • ·       Radio Broadcast Team or Personality of the Year
  • ·       Radio Program Director of the Year
  • ·       Social Media Manager of the Year
  • ·       Live Sound Engineer of the Year (Venue, Company, or Touring)
  • ·       Lighting Engineer of the Year (Venue, Company, or Touring)
  • ·       Music Festival of the Year
  • ·       Charitable Music Event of the Year
  • ·       Podcast of the Year
  • ·       Digital or Print Media Outlet of the Year
  • ·       Album or Single Cover Graphics of the Year
  • ·       Music School of the Year
  • ·       Syndicated Radio Show of the Year
  • ·       Artist or Band Merchandise of the Year
  • ·       Digital Distribution Platform of the Year
  • ·       Texas Country Music Spouse, Partner, or Significant Other of the Year
  • ·       Texas Country Music Industry Professional of the Year

A description of each Award category is on the nominations ballot.

According to Linda Wilson, President of the Texas Country Music Association, the Texas Country Music Summit, and Texas Country Music Industry Awards’ inaugural year in 2023 was an enormous success. “The Texas Country Music Summit in 2023 was over the top. This Summit is much different than any other type of music conference. It is designed to be educational and informative with our primary focus on listening to the needs of those in the industry, then bringing in industry professionals who are Texas Country Music industry stakeholders to supply expertise, direction, and workable solutions.” Texas Country Music Summit and Industry Awards presentation is unique to TCMA. She goes on, “It’s just what TCMA and our Members are all about – encouraging others, thanking them for their service and paving a way for others to become involved in the industry and to use  whatever their gifts, talents, skills and abilities may be.”

More information about the 2023 Texas Country Music Summit location will be available soon as well as tickets to the event. “We want to thank Sawyer Park Icehouse and their owners and staff for hosting the Texas Country Music “Industry Awards” on May 9 and we’re looking forward to a great time at their awesome venue.” says Linda Wilson.

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